Welcome to my teaching page!

Although I did not start out wanting to teach music, I've discovered just how much I enjoy sharing my passion for music with students of all ages and abilities. You will find information about my college teaching at Charleston Southern Universityprivate teaching at Clelia's Guitar Studio, the Guitar Ensemble (open to CSU students and guitarists in the community) and finally some resources. Contact me with questions you might have about learning the guitar or comments about this page.

Some Photographs from Past Studio Recitals


Teaching background and credentials

  • Over 25 years of experience teaching privately and at the college level. My past experiences include positions at Capital University (Columbus, OH) Otterbein College (Worthington, OH), University of South Carolina and Eastman Community Music School (Rochester, NY). I have also given lessons/masterclasses/workshops at Southern Guitar Festival, Tennessee State University Guitar Seminar, Vandercook College of Music (Chicago) Day of Guitar, and the University of Cincinnati Summer Guitar Workshop. My education includes a a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of South Carolina, a Master of Music Degree from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and additional graduate studies from the Eastman School of Music.
  • Private lessons
  • At Charleston Southern University
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • FAQ
    • What Age Level do you teach? My students range from as young as 4-5 all the way through retirement age
    • Do you teach beginners? A resounding yes! Students often comment that it must drive me crazy to hear them struggling along and the fact is, I love watching and hearing my students grow. It's a joy and privilege to be part of the process and to know that I'm contributing to their musical growth. Beginners range from very young through retirement age.
    • Where Do you teach lessons? There are two places in the Charleston area where students can go to study with me, Clelia's Guitar Studio in West Ashley for my private students and Charleston Southern University for my college students.
    • What instruments do you teach? Classical, acoustic, and electric guitars, mandolin, Ukulele, electric bass.
    •  How much are the lessons? Lessons are given on a monthly tuition basis. $120 per month for 4 half hour lessons. Individual lessons are also available at the rate of $35 per 30 minute lesson or $70 per hour lesson. 


My published arrangements

My published arrangements

  • Resources

    • For My Young Students

    • Recommended books for students. (I'm working on getting this resource together)
    • How to become Amazingly Great at Something (fantastic inspiring blog post by Leo Babauta)
    • Guitar Foundation of America Website- great resource for all things classical guitar!
    • Support our local music stores!
      • Ye Olde Music Shop, One of the best music stores in the area with a large selection of acoustic and electric guitars and very competitive prices
        • Address: 1276 Yeamans Hall Rd, Hanahan, SC 29410
        • Phone:(843) 747-0014
      • Shem Creek Music   They've selected a really nice inventory of quality instruments and have a great acoustic room to try out the guitars.
        • Address: Peach Orchard Plaza, 423 W Coleman Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

        • Phone:(843) 884-1346
      • chains that I've come to rely on with some very helpful people
      • Maple Street Guitars, Atlanta  This is simply the best guitar store in this region that I know about. If you are in the Atlanta area,  go there! This is the biggest selection of quality classical guitars along with acoustic and electric guitars. The owners George and Claire Petsch and their son Lindsay are some of the most knowledgeable, passionate, committed, impressive people I've met. If you are serious about buying a nice instrument, make a trip of it and go there, you will not be disappointed! 

      • Thomas Rein Guitars. I picked out his guitars from a crowded room full of luthiers at a guitar conference in Winston Salem. I've been playing my Thomas Rein guitar for my entire musical career since my masters degree recital at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. It has traveled with me from Chicago and New York all the way to the Czech Republic. Check out his classical and more recently acoustic guitars, they are truly remarkable instruments!

      • Yamaha Guitars. While the Thomas Rein guitar is an exquisite finely crafted hand made instrument, my Yamaha CG172SF is my workhorse guitar. I chose it because its very well balanced pleasing sound, has good intonation, and a low enough action that I can play on it for hours and feel ready for more. I also have a Fishman pickup system installed in this instrument.

      • Tip House Guitars. If you want a handmade classical guitar that sounds fantastic at a steal of a price, contact him!

      • Guitar Repair Charleston, Billy Reilly is the person to go to with any guitar repairs. For classical, acoustic, or electric instruments you will be hard pressed to find a more professional experience than Bill.

      • Sheet Music Resources.

        • Classical Guitar School (formerly Icelandic Guitar School). This is one of the most exhaustive collections of free music for classical guitar.

        • Guitar Down Under.  Large selection of free classical and fingerstyle music
        • Boije Collection, I believe this is the largest collection of  public domain classical guitar music available! Truly amazing resource.
  • Technology Resources - In addition to musical performance and teaching music  I'm also active as an arranger and composer. For those who are curious, I'm using Sibelius 6 as my notation program, Logic 9 as my DAW, Reason as a secondary DAW (I like the workflow and the instruments), and virtual instruments by Vienna Instruments and East West.
    • The Garageband guide. Although I do most of my work in Logic 9 I use garageband as an easy mobile way to work. Also many students have this free on their Mac computers. If you are a musician with a Mac and you are wondering about Garageband, check this out and start making music with it right away!
    • The Recording Revolution. This is a fantastic resource for recording and mixing music. In addition to the very helpful information and tutorials offerec on this site, Graham Chochrane is also very inspiring about the music making process. The focus is a minimalist approach to this daunting and complex field. 
    • Logic-Pro-Expert. There is so much incredibly helpful information here, if you are using Logic pro or wanting to go in that direction, check out this blog!!!